Investment and Taxation Consulting Team
  This team is to provide relevant legal services concerning the establishment of foreign invested enterprise in Mainland of China and for Chinese enterprises going IPO overseas, namely: joining into pre-establishment negotiation, drafting Project Suggestion Letter, feasibility study, joint venture contract or agreement and articles of association, and mediating with foreign investment Committee, submitting application for approval, etc. Meanwhile, our team will also render service in land-using, equity transfer, re-organization and others. In particular, services with efficient and tailored taxation solutions will be provided in direct investment, merger & acquisition, company structuring and alike, so as to assist our clients to avoid overpaying tax and levies. Technical arrangements in tax planning will be provided to all enterprises with Chinese taxation elements.

Corporate Service Team
  This team will face to equity share listing companies in IPO, listing, distribution, transferring and realization of bonds, and stockbrokers in investment with sufficient legal services. We will represent as attorney for banks or brokers, draft relevant legal documentation, provide legal opinions and inquiries or verification services. This team is to assist our clients with feasible and technical solutions in mergers by way of absorption, new-establishment and transfer of assets or equity, to decide the procedure of merger & acquisition and applicable measures, to avoid barriers in law in such transactions so as to maximize our clients' real goal in M&A. Our service also touches assets and equity transferring, for example, acquisition and anti-acquisition of listing companies, the planning of acquisition and application, planning in assets transferring and equity re-organization, assets transferring in non-equity share companies, equity transferring in equity share companies, allocation of assets and ownership of collective technological enterprises, leasing and trusting of enterprises, planning and application in contractual management. Our firm is familiar and skillful with legal matters within assets re-organization, assets swap and transfer by provided acquisition and transferring projects for a notable sum of listing companies and large and medium size enterprises. To provide our clients a balanced module in legal aspects, taxation and finance may be of our merit.

Finance and Insurance Service Team
  This team is to represent the mutual interest of banks, financial institutions and other agencies in their business, in particular, securities publication and international syndicated loans. Our members in this team are experienced in international syndicated loans, project finance, securities onto finance facilities, L/C, commercial bills and notes, banker's indemnity loan, etc. They will provide services including but not limited to general consulting, attorney in arbitration and litigation, presentation in negotiation, contract drafting and perusing, and issuance of legal opinions. Professional services will also be rendered in the area of conclusion of insurance contract or letter, claims, payments, replacement claims, determination of beneficiaries.

Property Team
  This team's service scope includes disputes resolution, arbitration and litigation generated from the establishment of real estate companies, allocation and transferring of state-owned land-use-rights, acquisition of land, reimbursement of property transfer, project engineering bidding, management and supervision in engineering construction, property finance, property pre-sales and sales, delivery and registration of property title, real estate management, development and operation of real estate.

Industrial Relationship Service Team
  This team will (1) answer inquires from clients in employees' welfare, termination of labour contract, collective labour contract, union law etc.. in compliance with up-to-date laws and regulations, (2) assist our clients in drafting labour contract and/or employment contract, (3) present in the arbitration and/or litigation for and on behalf of clients, (4) design call-option for senior managerial talents and skilled technicians, (5) design the system of protection of internal commercial information and secret.

Intellectual Property Team
  This team aims to assist companies either domestic or overseas in their application for trademark registration, patent registration, copyright registration, so as to prevent disputes from squatting and other potential risks by providing services in reviewing and drafting technology transferring contract, technology and/or trademark licensing contract, copyright and publication licensing contract, etc, and by providing enterprises with services in preventing illegal activities in trademark, patent, copyright, commercial secrets, anti-fair competition and domain name protection/anti cyber-squatting.

Foreign Related Legal Service Team
  Our team is willing (1) to assist our clients in negotiation in their trade and business, draft relevant contracts and other documentation, join into mediation on behalf of our clients in any disputes with their trading partners; (2) to provide professional opinion concerning large amount international trading and the best solution for clients either in China or from overseas in assorted trading disputes, and to claim any liabilities or damages for clients in assorted trading activities; (3) to provide our Chinese legal professional consulting services in inbound investment into China by international investment banks or MNCs, in particular, the most updated and complete legal consulting services concerning ventral capital investment in Internet, e-business, hi-tech software and bio-chemical and medical engineering, and telecommunication, energy, fundamental construction , and capital operational service in the area of M&A, strategical investment, assets reorganization and overseas IPOs relating to financial institution or large sum transaction.