Horwath & Partners (Shanghai) is the successor of Shanghai Xin Hui Law Office, a state-run law firm established in 1993. Our firm has transferred into private partnership in 2000. Our firm, which is constituted with some lawyers with more than ten years practice and some lawyers with overseas education and practice experience, is equipped with abundant practice experience in the East Costal Area of China and in efficient reaction and strong advise ability in foreign related matters.
  Our firm has built up an alliance with Shu Lun Pan CPA Co. Ltd., a top Chinese CPA firm, and Horwath International Inc., a top international CPA firm and Consulting Professional. Upon those efficient professional exchange, clients' referral and professional service support among our partners, our firm is able to be accord with international service standard in tax and monetary planning, finance and insurance, large-size corporate financing, etc. . In addition, our firm has established a close network with lawyers, accountants, consulting companies in the source area of China inbound Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)--- Asia-Pacific Region, namely, Hong Kong-Macao-Taiwan Area, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, etc, so as to provide some value-added service other than normal legal service to our clients.
  Our professional services include:
  1) Services for companies establishment, mergers and acquisitions;
  2) Complicated Insurance Legal Service (including insurance-reinsurance-life insurance- marine
insurance, etc);
  3) Investment and tax consulting and planning;
  4) All services in real estate development and conveyancing, land-use-right (LUR) bidding,
development and operation;
  5) Intellectual property and technology transfer;
  6) Finance and Insurance including syndicated loan and project financing;
  7) Employment and industry relationship;
  8) E-business, trade practice, recovery of obligations and contract disputes;
  9) Family affairs, marriage and inheritance; Criminal defense;
  10) Reviewing and Witness of Legal Documents (including documentation in foreign language).

address: 4F, 61 Nanjing Road (E), Shanghai, 200002, China
Tel: 86-21-63213399
Fax: 86-21-53500057